Ford Raptor Commercial: Rainbow goes viral, sparks online backlash

Those people who show their interest in the automobile will surely like this article. In this blog, we will talk about the online backlash faced by Ford. This automobile manufacturer has become the recent target for conservatives after an old advertisement is seen featuring the rainbow-colored raptor once again start surfacing on the web. On Thursday, 17th May 2023, Phillip Oliver a user of Twitter shared the video of the clip of the viral ad. This ad was launched last year in the month of June which is also known as Pride Month. The self-proclaimed “alpha Male” reposted the video which was originally posted on Tiktok by a user named Brian Michael on Wednesday, 16th May 2023.

Ford Raptor Commercial

Ford Raptor Commercial

The Tiktok user penned in the text overlay of the video that the firm destroyed 120 years of American History in 1 minute. He further added the now-famous phrase, “Go woke go broke”, which is constantly used by conservatives. “Very Gay: raptor of Ford adopted the glittery body adorned with the wave of the rainbow running from the front side of the automobile to the back. This raptor adopted the theme of Pride and it was in response to the homophobic comment about the Ranger Raptor video that was shared in the year 2021. As a consequence of the recent online backlash that many firms have been getting for viewing their support for the LGBTQ+ community, right-wingers keep looking into the past promotions or commercials by the firms that have advocated for the LGBTQ+ community.

According to the reports, the latest attack on Ford is part of the string of queerphobic and critical social media movements led by the conservatives in order to boycott the American automobile firm. Ford has been in the business since 1903. Launching the Very Gay Raptor was the follow-up to the “Tough Talks” video series which is presented by the firm featuring Gareth Thomas who is an ex-Welsh Rugby player. For those people who don’t know just let them inform that Gareth is the 1st rugby union player who is openly gay. Now speaking about the video series, he talked with the guest about struggling and fighting homophobia in the automotive industry and brought to light the requirement of redefining how one perceives the notion of being tough.

The initiative of Ford in order to create the Very Gay Raptor was promoted by what looked to the homophobic response to their recent version of the Blue Ranger Raptor. Last year in June, the firm posted the video and states that their latest Ranger Raptor disclosed had accumulated a lot of attention, but 1 comment prevented them in their tracks.

Ford Raptor Commercial Ford Raptor Commercial Ford Raptor Commercial Ford Raptor Commercial Ford Raptor Commercial

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