Forced to chant religious slogans, stripped naked and beaten with a belt if they refused; Miscreants wreak havoc on moving trains

More than half a dozen terrorists became enraged and thrashed when religious slogans were not raised by Asim.

The goons beat up the victim while she was half-naked in the train.

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Uttar Pradesh of Moradabad District A man is being beaten up by goons on a moving Padmaavat train Video Social Media But it quickly went viral. In the viral video, some goons are seen beating up a Muslim man inside a train. Taking note of the viral video, the GRP police beat up the terrorists Bareilly Arrested when identified. Taking cognizance of the viral video, the GRP police have taken action against both the accused attackers in a breach of peace case.

As the video went viral, the person who was beaten up in the video reported the incident to the GRP police station, where the victim, Asim, alleged that he was stripped naked and beaten up by Bobara on a moving train. steal him According to the victim, the assailants first accused him of theft, then chanted religious slogans. More than half a dozen terrorists became enraged and thrashed when religious slogans were not raised by Asim. Regarding the entire episode, Asim complained to GRP Moradabad and demanded action against the accused.

Chari was accused and beaten

On the other hand, when Asim was informed about the incident, it was said by the injured victim that he was coming from Delhi to Moradabad, when some youth boarded the Padmaavat train from Hapur Junction. Suddenly one of them complained in the moving train that Asim had committed this theft. When Asim denies the allegations, the goons strip him and start beating him, in the middle of the fight, Asim complains that the goons ask him to chant religious slogans, when he refuses to chant religious slogans, and is brutally beaten up.

The fight worsens Asim’s condition, while helping a person present in the train, Asim is thrown outside the moving train to save him from the miscreants. Shortly after Asim regains consciousness, Asin comes on the road followed by a familiar person. A call was made to Asim where Parikshit gave his clothes to Asim and the victim reported the incident to the police station.

The accused were arrested after the video went viral

The GRP police took cognizance of the incident of a man being assaulted by bullies inside the Padmaavat train, where both the accused were arrested, said CO GRP Devi Dayal. The GRP police said a case of assault came to light inside the train in which two persons were arrested after alighting from Bareilly Junction. After receiving the complaint of the CO, the police took legal action throughout the episode by registering a case under serious section. in advance The proceedings will be conducted by the police.

Politics started in the incident of beating

As the attack went viral on social media, the viral video was immediately picked up by AIMIM Metropolitan President of Moradabad District Haji Waki ​​Rashid, along with a team, the Metropolitan President reached the victim’s house after which a team meeting was held. Field Officer GRP, demanded strict legal action against the accused of assault. Congress Rajya Sabha MP Imran Pratapgari acknowledged the incident and demanded action in a tweet. Moradabad Police said in a tweet, taking cognizance of the incident of Rajya Sabha MP Imran Pratapgari. Just yesterday Mohan Bhagwat ji was saying that Muslims do not need to be afraid? This is the dual character of RSS and BJP, whatever they say should be understood as opposite.


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