Fire In JHB CBD Today Video: South Africa 73 dead in Johannesburg building fire

Shock waves are coming from Johannesburg, South Africa where fire guts hijacked the Johannesburg CBD building leaving more than 70 people dead and dozens of injured. Devastating scenes and imagery can be seen in the viral ‘Fire In Jhb Cbd Today Video’ circling on Twitter and Facebook. First of all, we extend our condolences and thoughts to the families of the victims of the fire incident that happened in the Johannesburg CBD building. Reportedly the firefighters found dead people piled on top of one another, who succumbed to the smoke and flames inside the building as they tried to escape the building through a locked door on the ground floor. You are asked to stick with this page and go through this article till the end for more information.

Fire In JHB CBD Today Video

Fire In JHB CBD Today Video

As per the reports, the fire broke out in the Albert Street building on Thursday morning, August 31, 2023. The Emergency Management Services for the City of Johannesburg responded to the scene after 1 a.m., said spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi. “It is a very unfortunate situation which we had to respond to this morning at around 1.30 a.m.,” He further added, “We were called to this five-floor building at the corner of Alberts and Delvers Street which is one of those hijacked buildings, abandoned buildings in the inner city,” Continue reading this article and learn the circumstances surrounding the devastating fire incident occurred in CBD Johneesburgh.

Many have been asking about the cause of the fire but as of yet, the detectives have not determined the reason for this tragic incident. The EMS of Johannesburg city earlier stated that they had started a rescue operation and they successfully reduced 43 people alive with injuries but later 20 bodies were also found. The latest reports claim around 73 people lost their lives due to a fire that broke out in the building that is located on the corner of Alberts and Delvers Streets in the city.

The City of Johannesburg is currently in agony as nearly 73 people succumbed to smoke and flames inside the building while they were trying to get out of the building. EMS officers found them piled on top of one another on the ground. Reacting to the fire rescue effort, a retired firefighter said they would have no idea what they were up against. Firefighters entered the burning building early Thursday morning to save the lives of the people. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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