How did Father Bob Maguire die? Tribute Paid After Beloved Melbourne priest, dies aged 88

It is shocking to hear that the beloved Catholic priest Father Bob Maguire has passed away. He is no more to teach us. Father Bob Maguire was a renowned social justice advocate and a catholic priest. According to the reports, Father Bob Maguire passed away at the age of 88. Since Father Bob Maguire’s death news broke out and was confirmed it has been making headlines and trending on every news channel. However, many are also seeking details about Father Bob Maguire’s cause of death. What happened to him or what caused him to die? People have started making speculations about his death. However, we have come up with some noteworthy points that you should know about Father Bob’s death. So be sticky with this page and must go through it till the end. Keep reading the page. Drag down.

Father Bob Maguire

Father Bob Maguire’s Death Cause

The news of Father Bob Maguire’s passing was confirmed by his foundation. He was widely acknowledged for advocating the underdog. He brought a legion of new adherents to the church of feeding and housing the poor, homeless, and hungry of Melbourne. Since his death news broke out social media is being poured into with tributes and condolences. In addition, accolades from premiers, members of the Catholic church, and comedians were also poured on social media.

Father Bob Maguire

Likewise, Van Badham took to his official handle and shared a couple of pictures of the former priest of the Catholic Church, Father Bob, and captioned it, “It’s about my concern that the “battler Catholicism” of the old neighborhoods that he represented may have vanished with him. I loved him so much. Everyone in these photos loved him, too. He was a left-wing icon. Goodbye, beloved Father Bob. Goodbye.” Shift to the next section and read more details.

Father Bob Maguire

Tribute Paid After Father Bob Maguire dies aged 88

While remembering Father Bob’s generosity and serving through his foundation, Dan Andrews said, “When Father Bob led his final mass, more than a thousand of his comrades packed out his South Melbourne church. They were there for Bob – because Bob was always there for us. But he wasn’t done yet. Retirement wasn’t Bob’s style. Bob Maguire was ordained at 25 and would lead his South Melbourne congregation for nearly 40 years.” He concluded the post by saying their state is a kinder, fairer place because of him and they are going to miss him greatly.  Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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