Fact Check: Is Shabiran Channa Death In Car Accident? Sindhi Actor Passed Away Hoax Trending On Social Media

We are shocked and saddened to announce that legendary actress Shabiran Channa was involved in an accident. In addition, the actress was not alone who was involved in the crash as her daughter named Adia Nadia Hussain was also with her at the time of the accident. Since Shabiran Channa’s car accident news broke out, the people of Pakistan have been distressed they are pouring best wishes and prayers for the actress and her daughter. Some are also eager to know if Shabiran Channa is alive or has died. In this article, we have answered each and every imperative question related to it. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Drag down the page.

Shabiran Channa accident

Is Shabiran Channa Death In a Car Accident?

Shabiran Channa is the stage name of Haseena. She is the daughter of Shahnawaz Channa. Reportedly, Shabiran Channa’s father had two marriages and Shabiran Channa is from his second marriage. The actress passed out from Larkana and worked as a school teacher in Sindh Education Department. Shabiran Channa has been acting since 1987 when she worked in Bedil Masroor aired on PTV. In addition, the legendary actress has worked in more than 500 Urdu and Singh dramas.

Shabiran Channa Accident Video Explained

Molai Nishad Channa posted a couple of videos from the scene. The videos show the legendary actress severely injured and being taken to hospital in an ambulance after pulling out of her car which is shown totally damaged. Molia Nishad captioned the post, “Sindh legend actress Aman Shabiran Channa and her daughter actress Adi Nadia Hussain Channa have had a car accident near Qazi Ahmed. The people of Sindh are requested to pray for their recovery and request the Sindh government to provide support for the treatment of Aman Shabiran Chana and his daughter Nadia.” Scroll down the page and read more details about the accident.

Another social media post shared the news and shared the pictures of the actress and her daughter injured in the accident. The post reads, “Sindh’s legendary actress Apa Shabiran Chana and her daughter actress Nadia Chana have had a car accident. At this time, they are undergoing treatment. We appeal to the people of Sindh to pray for their recovery and request the government of Sindh that Apa Shabiran Chana and her daughter Nadia were admitted to the hospital for treatment.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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