Fact Check: Is Ryan Leaving SuperMega? Drama And Controversy

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Ryan Leaving SuperMega

Is Ryan Leaving SuperMega?

This question has become a hot topic among the fans of the YouTube channel SuperMega. The rumors began in late 2022, and there are several speculations who has only grown due to Ryan Magee’s cryptic Twitter intake that points towards changes in his relationship status and comments from other YouTubers. SuperMega is known for its comedy, engaging gaming, and commentary content which has become a success story with over 3 million subscribers. This channel features Ryan Magee and Matt Watson whose chemistry fuels their popularity. Currently, the departure of Ryan has left many fans concerned and eager. Scroll down to the next section for more details.

Ryan Magee was one of the theSuperMega’s hosts who is recognized for his dry wit and love for video games. Since 2013, he has been a vital part of SuperMega by contributing to popular series like Super Mega Plays and Super Mega Cast. As far as SuperMega’s rise, the channel has achieved ever-increasing success over recent years. Matt and Ryan’s natural goodwill and entertaining videos have driven SuperMega to its current uphold by boosting a follower count of more than 3 million. The rumors about Ryan leaving SuperMega commenced in December 2022, which was followed by a cryptic tweet from Ryan. Furthermore, the speculation arose in January 2023, when his girlfriend posted a photo with another man which caused fans to question Ryan’s relationship and career decisions.

Read further to have a complete understanding of Ryan’s Twitter activity has stirred curiosity amongst fans. Whereas his tweets and likes on specific posts suggest dissatisfaction with his current situation. The fans have deduced that he might be planning to leave the same by analyzing these activities. Matt Watson has also contributed to the speculation and tweeted that it’s an end of an era, which therein led fans to think about Ryan’s possible departure. Although, Matt clarified that it was about a video series. The speculations about Ryan’s personal life which included his relationship with Leighton Stollard and played a role in the rumors. However, Ryan clarified that his personal life is not influencing his decision and he further debunked any claims of him by leaving SuperMega due to relationship issues.

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