WATCH: Evil Dead Rise Cheese Grater Scene Video Surfaced Online As Fans Go Crezy

The recent release of Evil Dead Rise leaves fans to out stun. No one knows that ordinary Kitchen utensils can be this much terrifying. But it seems like just an ordinary item, a utensil that we never thought can give such a horrific scene that leaves the fans with guess bumps. In the movie Evil Dead Rise, a long-running horror franchise’s latest installment has a scene that leaves the fans out stun. The scene features the cheese Grater, a very common and ordinary item that was used in the kitchen. But now after seeing this horrific scene fans are questioning if they are able to see that ordinary item or even if they can use it like before they do.

Evil Dead Rise Cheese Grater Scene

Evil Dead Rise Cheese Grater Scene Video Explained

A 2023 American supernatural horror film titled Evil Dead Rise was written and directed by Lee Cronin. It is the fifth movie in the Evil Dead franchise. In the movie, Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland play two estranged sisters attempting to protect their family from supernatural beings and survive. In supporting roles are Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, and Nell Fisher (making her film debut). Before the movie’s creation, plans for a fourth season of Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015-2018) and direct sequels to Evil Dead (2013) and Army of Darkness (1992) were shelved.

In Evil Dead Rise, two sisters named Beth and Ellie fight against supernatural beings that wish to murder their family. Being an Evil Dead movie, gruesome horror ensues as the demons terrorize and kill them in whatever way they can. The unsettling trailer for the movie gives viewers a preview of what to anticipate in the picture, which hits theatres today and included a particularly gory sequence utilizing a cheese grater. And as viewers witness the complete misuse of the cheese grating in action, they are increasingly exiting theatres in disbelief.

Evil Dead Rise Cheese Grater Scene

The Evil Dead series is not without its share of heinous violence. However, some people are finding the usage of a cheese grater—a common household tool—to be a little too personal. We won’t reveal what audiences can expect if they dare to see Evil Dead Rise in theatres this weekend. However, early responses on social media should provide viewers with a preview of what to anticipate from filmmaker Lee Cronin’s upcoming film. One Twitter user wrote: “I saw an evil dead rise spoiler with the cheese grater scene IM TRAUMATISED” along with an image of the dishwasher-safe cheese-shredding equipment. I might never emotionally recover from that cheese grater part, another person said.

Evil Dead Rise Cheese Grater Scene

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