Is Eddie VR Really Dead or Still Alive? Is he Commit Suicide? Death Hoax Debunked

If we ask you, what is the most terrible news for you to hear then surely most of you will say death news. This is the only news that no one wants to hear as the fear of losing your loved ones can shatter a person and it takes many years to get come out of it. Still, that empty place in the heart can never fill what we kept for that particular person. The family and close friends of Eddie Vr are currently thinking the same, ever since they heard his passing news. Now his death news is trending on the web and people want to know the cause of his demise this search made this news trending.

Eddie Vr

Who Is Eddie VR?

Eddie Vr is not a common personality in fact he is quite popular on social media platforms, particularly on Youtube. That is why there are many people who are thinking this news is fake and want to know the real authenticity of it. We understand the baffling of his fans and social media users and that is why we are trying to cover the real details. Let’s find out the reality of this news through this blog. Recently many of his fans watched the headlines which mentioned that the famous gamer and Youtuber, Eddie Vr is no more and ended his life by committing suicide.

Eddie Vr

Is Eddie VR Really Dead or Still Alive?

Well, the name and the cause of his demise take no time to get viral on social media and many of his fans start paying tribute to him without checking the facts and the authenticity of the news but there are some smart social media users who did not believe it and started looking to get the real news or update of it. Well, we have a piece of happy news for his fans that as usual this time as well the news is completely fake and a hoax. That means the popular YouTuber and gamer is alive and doing well. He just became part of the death hoax just like other stars. His fans are surely happy with this news.

Eddie Vr

Is Eddie VR Commit Suicide?

He officially confirmed this news by posting many updates on his social media accounts that include Instagram and Twitter which assures his fans that he is fine. That is why we always say to check the facts before believing in any news as most websites are using fake news and clickbait to get heavy traffic. It is also important to share the news with your friends before checking the reality of it. Anyways his fans are happy that they will continue to watch his gaming content. At the moment, we don’t know who shares this fake news but we are happy with the thought that it is a complete death hoax.

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