Does Robyn Die In Casualty? aftermath explained

The popular British medical drama series, Casualty has gained the immense attention of watchers across the world and still, had been capturing the attention of fellow watchers. Many fans are expecting something new with every latest episode and once again, the makers are coming with one more episode once again. It has been a long journey since it was originally aired on its official platform and almost 36 seasons have been successfully completed. Casualty Season 37 is running and fans are expecting some more twists in the next episode. So, let’s dig more to find out what can we expect in the latest episode.

Does Robyn Die In Casualty

Does Robyn Die In Casualty?

As per the spoilers, everyone’s favorite in the Casualty series, Robyn Miller has killed off the show in the latest episode that will be aired tonight (Saturday, March 18) which is expected to be the game-changing episode for all. It is also shocking to learn that the devastating scene marks the end of Amanda Henderson’s decade-long stint on the show. If you really want to know what is going to happen with Marty and David then you can check out the spoiler here. Keep reading to know more spoilers for the upcoming episode.

Does Robyn Die In Casualty

What Happened Next In Casualty?

Well, the next episode begins where it was left, and as we have seen that Charlie was shocked after Robyn was brought to the ED in a critical condition. When Robyn eventually opened her eyes, she tried to apologize to Charlie for their earlier fight, but he assured her that all was well and that they would have plenty of opportunity to talk later.

During the surgery, Sacha is struggling to stop bleeding, leaving the rest of the team on edge. At a moment, Robyn started to stabilize and it looks like she is getting normal but later, her health deteriorated, Sacha was forced to accept that there was nothing more he can do and she succumbed to death on the table.

Charlie broke down and collapsed after seeing Robyn’s body with her heartbroken partner Paul and daughter Charlotte. Now, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode. The next week’s episodes begin on the day of her funeral, which takes place off-screen, where tensions are still rife among the team. Along with this, Jacob feels guilty over his behavior on Robyn’s final day alive will be a particular focus, as he debated whether he should attend the ceremony in this situation.

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