Does Actress Sindhu have breast cancer? Death Reason Explained

This note is from the bottom of the heart that actress Sindhu is no more. Yes, you heard it right, Angadi Theru Sindhu has passed away. Actress Sindhu was best known for her portrayal in Angadi Theru. Sources have suggested that the actress died unexpectedly on Sunday morning, Aug 7, 2023. As the Angadi Theru actress died at a premature age, her fans have been left keen to know what happened to her or what was Sindhu’s cause of death. If you are also scrambling to learn the reason behind Sindhu’s death, stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Drag down the page and take a look below for more information.

Actress Sindhu Death Reason

Does Actress Sindhu have breast cancer?

The Angadi Theru actress Sindhu was reportedly 44 years of age when she perished shockingly. She breathed her last on Sunday morning at 2:15 am. What was her cause of death? Since Angadi Theru Sindhu was pronounced dead her cause of death has been in the questions of the fans. The keenly placed sources have reported that the actress died from breast cancer. Her cause of death is breast cancer. Shift to the next section and read what were the circumstances surrounding Angadi Theru Sindhu’s death.

Actress Sindhu’s Death Reason Explained

The actress was reportedly battling breast cancer for the past few years. As a result, she was at a private hospital located in Kilpauk where she had been undergoing treatment. In fact, the actress also opened up about her illness and posted a video to seek help from the film industry with her treatment expenses. However, some renowned personalities came to the fore to help the actress but all went in vain when she lost her life. Take a look below and read about Sindhu’s career.

She appeared in the film Angadi Theru directed by Vasanthapalan in 2010. Mahesh and Anjali portrayed the lead characters in the film while actress Sindhu was roped in a supporting role in the film. She made her debut on the screen as a child artist and later she acted in a number of films. But actress Sindhu always had financial problems. She got married at the age of 14. The same year the actress also gave birth to a child. But she had to return to her father’s house due to problems with her husband. In an interview, Sindhu broke down in tears and said that the doctors had cut off one of her breasts. Stay tuned.

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