Doctor Cha Episode 5: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Doctor Cha is a well-known series. People want to know more about it. When will episode 5 be released? What will happen in Episode 5 of Doctor Cha? You will get complete details about Doctor Cha Episode 5 in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Doctor Cha

Doctor Cha Episode 5 Release Date, Time

Doctor Cha is a well-known series. Everyone likes its episodes. It has already released 4 episodes. 5th one is also set to release soon. Doctor Cha is based on the medical field day to day life. The main character here is Cha who is married to In-Ho who is the chief resident at University Hospital.

In-Ho is said to e cold-hearted while his wife, Cha Jeong-Suk is a housewife for the last 20 years. She got her medical license but was suffering from a life taking illness. She was diagnosed with this disease so she left her career as a doctor. She decided to fight her disease and overcome it. The story revolves around her struggles and challenges. it is a K-drama series. People want to know more about the release date of the next episode of Doctor Cha.

Doctor Cha

When Will Doctor Cha Episode 5 Be Released?

Doctor Cha Episode 5 is set to release by its makers. Everyone is curious about the release date and waiting eagerly for the episode as there was a lot of thrill and suspense in the previous episode. Doctor Cha Episode 5 will release on 29th April 2023, Saturday. Let us have more details about Doctor Cha’s episode 5 platform where it will be available.

Doctor Cha

Where To Watch Doctor Cha Episode 5?

Doctor Cha Episode 5 will release on Netflix. you can watch it with a Netflix subscription. Let us explore more about the release time of the upcoming series.

What Is Doctor Cha Episode 5 Release Time?

Doctor Cha Episode 5 will release at 10:30 pm Korean Standard Time. English subtitles are also available. It has a length of 1 hour approximately. The timing will vary according to the place. Everyone is excited to watch the next episode. If you are new to the series, you can watch the Doctor Cha trailer below:

What Happened In Doctor Cha Episode 4?

Doctor Cha Episode 4 was a super-hit. It was liked by people. This was all about Doctor Cha episode 4. You can watch it on Netflix with a minimum subscription. The series is expected to have at least 8 episodes this season. It means that there will be more episodes in this season too. Stay tuned for more details.

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