Who Is DJ Azex Girlfriend? Was It Blackmail That Caused His Death?

We know that over the past few days, we are only sharing the sad news with our readers. Most of them are related to the departure but we can’t help it as the crime rates all over the world are only increasing. Even the police are getting worried after watching the increase in crime rate. This time as well we are sharing the death news of a Disc Jockey and people are speculating her death is caused due to blackmailing. Now it is confusing who was blackmailing him and why or is this really true or is there any other reason for his death. Now with his passing, the search for his girlfriend has also started. The late DJ identified as DJ Azex and his fans are totally devasted by his passing.

DJ Azex Girlfriend

Who Is DJ Azex Girlfriend?

The report states that the famous and admired DJ Azex whose real name was Akshay Kumar was discovered dead in a perplexing situation at his residence in Bhubaneswar on Saturday, 18th March 2023. The cops have filed the murder case and initiated a probe into the incident, and his body has been transferred to the Capital hospital mortuary for further investigation. During the investigation, it was found that he took his last breath at his residence. However, the exact cause of his passing is not known at this moment.

DJ Azex Girlfriend

His family members have disclosed that he was present inside his room at the time of the thunderstorm that happened in the city last evening. The former DJ Azex was a highly regarded DJ in the country, and his sudden passing has left the music industry and his admirers in shock and sorrow. Now those people who are interested to know about his girlfriend need to scroll down and we will try to share more information. His girlfriend has become a hot topic of discussion and people are speculating about her role in his death.

DJ Azex Girlfriend

The day after the tragic suicide of the famous DJ Azex at his house in Bhubaneswar, his family members lodged a police complaint attributing his demise to the mental harassment and disturbance in his personal life. In the lodged complaint, the mother of Akshay accused his girlfriend and her male pal of abetting his suicide by subjecting him to mental harassment and torture. As per the contents of the police complaint, Akshay has been in a love relationship with his girlfriend who is an MBBS pupil in the private college in the area, for about 1 year. Though she was reportedly exploiting him for money and she was also demanding a 2-wheeler from him. Apart from this, the victim had even transferred around 15,000 to her account through PhonePe as disclosed by their Whatsapp chats.

DJ Azex Girlfriend

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