Did Pearl Shongwe Commit Suicide? Drug overdose might killed Pearl Shongwe

Addiction to anything is wrong but sometimes we can’t stop ourselves and intentionally get involved in it. We personally feel that everyone knows the consequences of their action but sometimes we ignore them. Drugs are one such thing that everyone knows that it is legally and physically not good to consume as it harms our body but still we consume it. It comes under the category of crime and many people consume it despite knowing that if the police get to know about it they will end up in jail. Though it is quite expensive addiction and not everyone affords it and that is why it is widely used among famous personalities and their high-profile parties.

Pearl Shongwe

Did Pearl Shongwe Commit Suicide?

There are many stars whose names always came under this crime and sometimes it ends on a very bad and serious note. The name of one such personality came under this after her death news surfaced online. It is quite shocking to hear the death news of Pearl Shongwe and her fans are in deep shock and sadness. For them, this news is no less than trauma and especially when some websites are asserting that she killed herself. Although the actual reason for her demise has not been officially determined. There are many media websites that are claiming that she was alleged of drug use.

Pearl Shongwe

Her death news is so sudden to hear and that is why many people are speculating about different factors related to her demise. The report states that a famous South African radio host and TV was 37 years old when she took her last breath. The reports state that her passing news came across her fans on 8th November 2022 when her dead body was found in her Midrand residence. The moment her fans and neighbors got to know about her death they instantly start looking to know the cause of her death and after reading or watching many new channels they get to know that she was alleged of using drugs and started speculating that she killed herself.

Pearl Shongwe

Apart from her fans and colleagues, The Gauteng Provincial Government also expressed their sadness and shock. Although the real reason for her demise is not known, a source close to Shongwe stated that she had to deal with addiction problems for many years. Later on, her family released a statement related to her demise and mentioned that she had been fighting addiction and asked for privacy at this tough time. Other than that there has been speculation that Pearl may have overdosed on drugs but this has yet to be asserted.

Pearl Shongwe

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