Diamond Platnumz Zuena Video Released, Zuwena Diamond Video Social Media Reaction

Your favorite artist, dancer, philanthropist, and businessman is back with another music video. You will get complete information about the new music video in this article. What is it all about? What type of song is to be released? Where the song will release? Keep reading for more details.

Diamond Platnumz Zuena Video

Diamond Platnumz Zuena Video

The new song Zuwena is set to win the hearts of people. In this song, there is a woman whose life changes because of her spouse’s tragic death. Diamond Platnumz is playing the role of her brother-in-law. He can talk with his dead brother through telepathy. 

He came to know about Zuwena and that she doesn’t support her mother-in-law, and spent his all money. The story is amazing.

Where Can I Watch The New Song?

You can watch it on YouTube on their official channel. You will get the link for the video below. Watch it now and enjoy.

Watch the song below:

The song has a very catchy beat. The shooting looks to be done in a proper African setup. It is full of music, drums, and beats. The song has been released already.

The official YouTube channel name is Diamond Platnumz. The artist currently has a following of 73.6 lakhs. The song was released on 3 February 2023, Friday. 

Zuwena Diamond Video Download

He is a very appreciable artist. People love him for his work. He was born on 2 October 1989 and is currently thirty-three years old.

He has a good grip on his vocals, piano, guitar, and drums. He got a deal with Universal Music in 2017. It helped him to release his new song A Boy From Tandale.

His career started at the age of seven years. His teenage years were full of hard work, dedication, and struggle. He was doing a clothes business to support his family. While doing that, he use to record his music videos with the money saved from work.

His first hit was released in 2010 with the title “Kamwambie”. He also got nominated in BET Awards 2014 for Best International Act.

He is married to a businesswoman Zari Hassan. They have two children. Later, he had affair with a Kenyan girl, Tanasha Donna.

Fans are in love with the video. The song shows the sorrows of life that everyone goes through, but everyone has a different approach to it.

The video crossed 16 lakh views in one day. It has 80 thousand likes and fourteen thousand comments.

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