Detroit Rappers Found Dead: Identified as Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, Montoya Givens

This is to inform you that three rappers who were missing for the past couple of weeks have been found but are not alive. The Detroit Rappers Found Dead. According to the latest reports, three rappers from Detroit were missing since January 21, 2023. After a search for a couple of weeks, they were found dead in an abandoned apartment complex. Since this news broke out fans have been stunned and left in agony with a frenzy to search for what happened to Detroit rappers. Here we have come up with all the details related to this article. You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Detroit Rappers Found Dead

Reports are claiming that three bodies were found in the basement of an abandoned apartment complex located in Highland Park, Michigan. Meanwhile, the victims were identified as three Detroit rappers who were reported missing last month on Jan 21. The Michigan State police confirmed the identities of the victims. The dead bodies found in the basement were of Armani Kelly, Dante kicker, and Montoya Givens. Take a look below and learn more details.

The three Detroit rappers, Aarmani Kelly, Dante Wicker, and Montoya Givens were 38 years old, 31 years old, and 31 years old respectively. Reportedly, their bodies were located on Thursday, Feb 2, 2023. Meanwhile, on Friday the Michigan State Police called it a homicide and started an intensive investigation. Prior to locating the bodies of the rappers, the detectives were searching for them as they were missing for the past many days. Three Detroit rappers went missing after they were scheduled to perform at an event scheduled on January 21. A few days ago, Detroit Police stated that they were concerned about the wellness of the three rappers as there had not been any activity on their cellphones. Scroll down the page and read more details.

On Jan 21, the three Detroit rappers were together at Lounge 31 but at the last minute, the concert was canceled due to an issue with the DJ. Police further stated that it is not clear if they left the local bar together or what happened after it. But it is confirmed that three rappers were together at some point that evening. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates as it is a developing story.

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