Deer used amazing brain with cheetah and hyena, people said – should get Oscar!

It is said that the jungle world has its own rules… Only those who are able to save their own lives have the right to live here, because every time strength works in the jungle world, sometimes even the animals are not weak. You have to use your mind rather than strength.

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Wildlife related videos are the most shared on social media. their opinions and preferences video There are many more comparisons because they take us to the animal world. Where the rules are different. To survive in the jungle, one has to be strong and one has to fight to avoid being pierced by animals stronger than oneself. One such video is going viral where a deer is doing such an amazing trick to escape from the fearsome leopard. and hyenas. acting As he does so, he is shocked to see the hyena.

It is said that the jungle world has its own rules… Only he who can save his own life has the right to live here, because in the jungle world it is not necessary that every time power works, sometimes the minds of creatures weaker than power must be used. . Now watch this video for yourself where a deer gets stuck between a cheetah and a hyena. But here the victim avoids his death by using his mind.

Watch the video here

The viral video shows a deer lying on the ground. He looks like he’s dead. The cheetah then tries to eat it, but in the meantime a hyena comes and starts grabbing the deer. A leopard and a hyena fight to eat a dead-looking deer, but something happens when both predators shake hands. Actually the hyena wants to catch the prey but the fear of the leopard makes it run away. But as soon as he returned, the deer got up and ran away.

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This video was shared on Twitter by an account named Feigen. It has been viewed by more than 1.4 million people as of writing and in the comments section, many are praising the deer’s survival skills, while others are recommending him for an award.


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