Dead Body Chermside: Man’s Body Found In Creek Near Westfield – Identified

Queensland can be considered a peaceful place for the public. And finding a dead body can be a big thing in these areas. Queensland is mostly famous for its Natural Heritage places like Fraser Island, The Scenic Rim National parks, and all but finding a man’s body can be very suspicious. People around that area can be very petrified because of it. Not just Queensland people but any other person who finds a body near their shopping center or their home can be in shock.

Dead Body Chermside

Dead Body Chermside

Queensland that also been known as the Sunshine State of Australia. Where people like to move mostly because of its Outdoor lifestyle. Is not just that Queensland also offers a combination of the world’s most beautiful beaches. People like to move to Queensland mainly because they want to put the hustle of Sydney and Melbourne behind them. Everyone wants to start their family where they can provide them peaceful environment.  Being the second-largest state in Australia makes it the most famous place for people to visit. However, it always suggests protecting yourself is important in a city like this. And according to world security standards is relatively safe. It also gives reasons to people to move to Queensland city with their families.


Being a friendly city makes it famous and finding a dead body near a shopping complex makes the news all over the internet. According to the Queensland police, a man’s body has been found near the Westfield shopping center. The body was located by public members near the creek of the shopping complex. Some people find the body suspicious. Seeing a dead body can be very shocking for a normal person. Being considered as the safe area and founding the dead body leaves people around that area in shock.


According to the Queensland police, the emergency services were called around 10 am near the Gimpy Road Exit and Murphy Road in Chermside. And with the help of Queensland Fire and Emergency Service crews, the body was retrieved. The Body is still unidentified because of its conditions. Police also say there is nothing to worry about they are taking this matter very seriously and the investigation is going underway. And they also say there is nothing suspicious about the dead body. So, the public of Queensland has nothing to worry about. The Queensland police department has everything under control. The cause of death is still unknown but the open investigation, helps people to put their minds at ease.

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