Danny Johnson Car Accident: Danny and Emily Lewerenz Killed In Washington County

A 16-year-old teen passed away. This news has given a huge shock to everyone on the internet. His name was Danny Johnson. Two killed in the car accident in Washington County were Danny Johnson and Emily Lewerenz. The collision claimed the lives of Danny and another teen. Furthermore, Danny attended D.C. Everest High School. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office announced the information and letters regarding the loss were forwarded to parents by the school system. Danny’s family and friends are mourning his passing, and his friends remember him as a witty, cheerful, and kind person.

Danny Johnson and Emily Lewerenz

Danny Johnson Car Accident

Danny Johnson and Emily Lewerenz lost their lives in the car accident. The collision reportedly occurred on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at about 12:30 pm, northeast of West Bend in Farmington, according to the sources. Now, Read the whole article to know everything about this case.

Danny Johnson Car Accident

Danny and Emily Lewerenz Were Killed In Washington County

On Saturday, May 20, 2023, 16-year-old Danny Johnson and Emily Lewerenz were killed in a deadly car accident. The saddest news for his loved ones is undoubtedly the announcement of his death. Family and friends of Johnson remembered his sense of humor and expressed their sincere condolences to him. Additionally, Danny and the other victim were remembered in his school, and efforts were made to keep their memories fresh. His parents received a heartfelt letter from the school in which it was written, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of these young individuals who touch the lives of so many in our community and will be dearly missed.” Similar to this, a GoFundMe has been established to assist Johnson’s family with the high cost of funerals.

Recently, Danny Johnson was killed in an automobile accident. Two D.C. Everest High School students perished in the horrific collision on May 22, 2023. The terrible incident claimed the lives of Danny and Emily Lewerenz. In addition, the collision happened around 12:30 on Saturday in Farmington, northeast of West Bend, at the intersection of Highway 144 and County Tk H. A little sport utility vehicle collided with a cattle tractor-trailer. The named victims, Danny and Emily, were in the SUV’s rear seat when they suffered fatal injuries.

The driver was taken to Froedtert West Bend when there were two people in the front seat. According to reports, none of the tractor-trailer’s occupants were hurt. Everyone has been devastated by the news, and mourners from all around the world are sharing and honoring Danny’s family. Therefore, when discussing his parents, they have not yet been mentioned in the media. Similarly to this, Danny’s parents’ names and specific information have not yet been updated. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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