WATCH: Damson Idris And Chloe Bailey Video spark hilarious memes

It has been just one day since the American psychological horror thriller, Swarm gained an immense audience after its first episode was released on Friday, March 17, 2023. It was created by Donald Grover and Janine Nabers. Well, the series has gained huge attention on the Internet as well after the intimate scene caught the attention of the fans. According to the sources, the first appearance in the latest episode was given by Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris who are playing a key role in the series as they were seen in a relationship. But why are they catching the much attention on the Internet?

Damson Idris And Chloe Bailey Video

Damson Idris And Chloe Bailey Video

As per the reports, the actor and actress were seen getting intimate on screen. Yes, both leads caught the attention of their fans after they were seen in an intimate scene. Since the clip of the episode went viral on the Internet, fans were stunned by what they saw and created hilarious memes online. In that scene, Dominique Fishback aka Dre watches her sister Chloe Bailey as Marissa Jackson and her boyfriend Khalid (Damson) get intimate with the door wide open. When Khalid notices that Dre is outside the room, he smiles at her and nods without stopping.

Now, the intimate scene has caught the attention of Internet users across the world. In Swarm, a music enthusiast named Andrea “Dre” Greene is followed as she develops an obsession with her favorite performer and goes to extreme lengths to win her favor. Due to the intimate scene, Internet users are taking their social media handles to share their reviews and many memes started to appear on their accounts. Many didn’t expect that the show begins with this scene.

Many fans are believing that the episode was created with the help of graphics and looked incredibly real. Many reactions on the Internet reads, “DAMN!!  Chloe Bailey was getting her back BLOWN out by actor Damson Idris in a new s3x scene from the movie #Swarm & **sorry but from the looks of it, they were really Fcuking during this scene OMG”. Recently, they both have become a reason of interest on the Internet and fans are believing that their intimacy was incredibly real. It looks that many more scenes like this will be available to watch in the upcoming episodes. Currently, the series is running on Amazon Prime Videos. Stay tuned with us to know more details about an upcoming episode.  

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