Crunch Bite Narowal fire accident update: 6 dead and many injured In Cylinder blast at Crunch Bite Narowal, Pakistan

Shock waves are coming from Crunch Bite Narowal where a LPG gas cylinder exploded and triggered a massive fire at a restaurant. The horrifying visuals show that the restaurant was engulfed in flames. According to the reports, many people were left injured and six people were pronounced dead after the cylinder blasted at Crunch Bite Narowal. Since this news broke out, people have been devastated. They are taking over the internet and searching for the details. Obviously, some are checking out for the well-being of their close ones near Crunch Bite Narowal. But the question of discussion is, what led to the gas cylinder explosion? If this question is prevailing in your mind as well, kindly stick with this page and must go through it till the last word. Drag down the page.

Crunch Bite Narowal fire accident update

Crunch Bite Narowal fire accident update

The gas cylinder blast occurred at a restaurant which triggered a massive fire at the premise. It is believed that the incident occurred due to a leakage in one of the gas cylinders in the restaurant. The massive blast triggered a threat to the safety of the people inside the restaurant and near the restaurant. Furthermore, the restaurant is located on a congested street where the water supply is limited, due to which the fire services had difficulties in reaching the scene quickly. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Due to the congested street, the fire services arrived there a few minutes late. By the time the fire services arrived, the fire had intensified and spread. Thus, the fire department faced challenges to control the fire and extinguish it. The intensified flames had extended beyond the restaurant and nearby buildings and vehicles causing collateral damage. Swipe down the screen and read more details.

However, the Rescue team was quick to respond to the emergency, they could not save six people who lost their life in this incident. However, many injured have been shifted to Narowal DHQ hospital where they are receiving treatment. But the seriously injured victims were later shifted to a hospital located in Lahore. People have been talking about the identity of the victims who died in the gas cylinder explosion, but the authorities have not revealed the information. More details and updates will come out soon. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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