Cristiano Ronaldo Binance, teases NFT plans while on a lie detector test

The Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo recently went through a lie detector test, No he did not commit any crime but he did his while collaborating with crypto exchange Binance. When on a lie detector machine Cristiano Ronaldo teased his strategy to release more NFT collections in the future. The striker was asked many questions about the World Cup, his future plans to release more NFTs, and more. He had to answer Yes or No. But, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sarcasm popped out while he was sitting on the Lie Detector chair. If you are scrambling to the internet to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future plans for the NFT collection, you should go through this article till the end. Continue reading this article for more information.

Cristiano Ronaldo Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo Binance

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo released his second NFT collection in association with Binance. In July, crypto exchange Binance and Portuguese footballer released his second nonfungible token collection while celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s reign as the highest goal scorer in football. Therefore, he was questioned about his future plans to release more NFT collections. The footballer teased his plan. Before questions about NFTs, he was asked about the World Cup and his retirement from the game. Questions were “Will you still be playing at your highest level in your 40s?” and “Will Portugal win the World Cup?”.

But when he was questioned whether he owned NFTs, he answered “Yes” and the lie detector machine also signaled a green light meaning he was telling the truth. The lie detector machine also signaled the same when the footballer was asked if he had any future plans to release more NFT collections. Do you know when Cristiano Ronaldo released his first NFT collection? His first Non-fungible token collection was also released in partnership with crypto exchange Binance. Keep reading this article for more details.

Last year, the Portuguese footballer released his first NFT collection in partnership with Binance following a multiyear partnership deal with Binance. His collaboration with Binance aimed to present Web3 to the fans of football around the world through numerous NFT collections. Reportedly, the nonfungible token collections released by Cristiano Ronaldo in association with Binance will allow soccer fans to have exclusive engagement opportunities with him. The video of Cristiano Ronaldo having a lie detector test with Binance is also going viral on social media platform X, formerly Twitter. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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