Colorado Rock Throwing Arrest Zachary Kwak Arrested, Colorado 3 Teens Arrested For Rock Throwing

Colorado Rock Throwing Arrest Zachary Kwak Arrested, Colorado 3 Teens Arrested For Rock Throwing: The cases of attacks are another headache for the police. The rising number of these cases is always on top and making us believe that there are many freak criminals who are disturbing the world with their acts. We often hear many such cases in which common people become the prey of the acts of these freak people. One such case is presently in the news and a suspect has been identified and now people are only talking about this case. They want to know if is he behind the bar or not and what the exact matter plus what he did. All these questions are surely disturbing you as well.

Colorado Zachary Kwak Arrested

Colorado Zachary Kwak Arrested

But don’t worry we found the details of it and here we are ready to share with you. The suspect has been identified as Zachary Kwak and he is one of the 3 high schoolers who has been detained for a rock-throwing crime spree. The office of the Jefferson County Sheriff has made 3 arrests concerning the recent crime. The incident happened in Boulder and Jefferson County and resulted in the passing of a woman who was in her 20. The 3 suspects, 18 year old were arrested at the homes of their parents in Arvada at the time of the overnight hours of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Apart from Zachary Kwak, the other suspects have been recognized as Joseph Koenig, Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, and Zachary Kwak. All these suspects are seniors at different high schools located in Jefferson County. It is believed that the perpetrators have no link to the sufferers of the crime spree. Ever since this news surfaced online it has garnered a lot of attention and people are showing their interest in it. All three suspects are now behind bars but the case is still going on. The victim identified as Alexa Bartell lost her life at a very young age.

Suspects are now facing charges of 1st-degree murder extreme indifference, with additional charges expected to be lodged later. The reports state the perpetrators reportedly threw a large rock, either from the car or the side of the road, at the car of Bartell which resulted in her death. She lost her life on the spot and her family, friends and loved ones are in big grief. Apart from her, there were 7 people who get wounded that night, with 2 sustaining minor wounds and several vehicles damaged. The probe was held with the support of many law enforcement agencies and the public, providing 300 tips that added recognized the suspects.

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