Clive Lizard Williams Death Video: New evidence in murder appeal

Clive Lizard William was murdered on April 3. The suspect is said to be a Jamaican dancehall musician. He was sentenced to his lifetime. Sources say that he is trying to defend himself, but his defense seems weaker in front of Clive Lizard’s death video. The video is leaked and went viral on social media. You will get complete details about Clive wizard in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Clive Lizard Williams

Clive Lizard Williams Death Video: 

Clive Lizard Williams was murdered by Vybz. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The video of Clive Lizard’s death is leaked. We don’t have information about how the video was shot. It might be CCTV footage or a recording. The video is said to be shot at Vybs house. As it is shot in the house, it must be recorded by an individual that might be involved in his death along with Vybs. 

It might be planned for a specific purpose. It was shot in complete darkness. The faces are not clearly visible. The video shows unclear faces with tattoos. He was killed with an Axe that was clearly visible. The only sources of light in the video were the flashlight of the device with which it was shot. The video was brutal, and some voices can be heard in that video. His body has not been found since the incident.

Vybz Past Record: 

Vybz was also charged in 2011. He was charged with narcotics but later the charges were dropped. He was again charged with the murder of two portmen, but due to lack of evidence, the charges were dropped. He has been charged but he manages to release himself. He is clever and is always one step ahead of the investigation team. He might be a part of a corp.

The Current Scenario:

The sources found Vybz and three other men guilty of Clive Willam’s murder. It was a 65-day long trial. A text message was found on Clive’s phone by Kartel/Vybz. It is the most important evidence. Many videos were also found on his phone that was received from an unknown identity. It also includes a video shot at Kartel’s house. 

There were many men in the video. The video shows a man with an axe in his hand and another man whose clothes are stained with blood. An Instagram video going viral shows a man lying without a face that might be Clive Williams. The case is still going on.

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