Class Teacher Gets Mad at George Video: Twitter Reacts On Controversy

Recently a video surfaced on the internet and it has created a stir on the internet. Here we are talking about Class Teacher and George Video which is making huge rounds on the internet. In fact, it has created a controversy out there. Many are also a backlash against the teacher in the video for her remarks. What is in the video? A lot of questions are being asked about the video. If you are seeking reliable and confirmed details regarding the aforementioned subject, this is the right place for you. In this article, we have discussed this story’s all imperative points. So be sticky with this page and take a peek at the further given section. Kindly drag down the page.

Class Teacher and George Video

Class Teacher and George Video

As per the reports, the video shows a teacher from Alaska who is discussing the brutal death of George Floyd. The Alaska teacher also made insensitive comments on brutality showered by the police officers. As the teacher is discussing a controversial issue in the video, it has captivated the attention of the netizens and went viral on the internet. According to the reports, the video is buzzing at every social media platforms TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. Drag down the page and read more details.

Class Teacher and George Video

The controversy surrounding the Class Teacher and George Video spread to Twitter, where netizens demanded for the teacher be fired. There is not only a single clip of the teacher, but one more video there, which shows the Alaska teacher getting angry at the student who asked her to comment about George Floyd. Now, this video has gone viral on the internet and created controversy. As a repercussion of the viral Class Teacher and George video, the teacher has been put on leave. Scroll down the page and read more details.

In the video, the Alaska teacher can be heard saying that if George Floyd had followed police orders he would still be alive. She also said that Floyd had committed a crime by using counterfeit money, and that police officers were not in the wrong for their actions. Thus people are backlashing her and demanding to be sacked from the job. As of yet, this video has been watched by thousands of people on Twitter and Reddit. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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