Chris Andreozzi accident: Speeding Tesla driver killed in car accident in New Haven

Today, we are only talking about road accidents so that you all will understand that why it is important to follow the safety rules. Everyone knows that these rules have been made for our safety but still, we purposely ignore it and our negligence became the reason for the demise. The death toll shows that most of the deaths happen due to road accidents and one more name has been added to this list. This time the deceased identified as Chris Anderozzi and his family are totally devasted by this news.

Chris Andreozzi

Chris Andreozzi accident

The accident case has been lodged and police are currently investigating the matter. There are many details that need to be get resolved and for that police are checking all the details of this case very carefully so that they don’t miss out on anything. This unfortunate news has stunned everyone in the neighborhood since the loss of life in such a horrible and scary way affects everyone who hears about it. According to the reports, at the time of the incident, Christopher was 35 years old. He hailed from Hamden and this incident occurred in New Haven.

Chris Andreozzi

According to the reports, his Tesla and 9 cars were engaged in a high-speed collision. The lethal collision occurred on Nicoll Street close to Eagle Street at around 07:50 in the morning. At the time of the hit, Andreozzi was hit by 2 other moving cars and 7 parked cars. Now you can understand the intensity of the case and why people are shocked by it. The reports state that the police get to know about the incident through an emergency call number and when they reached they find the victim in serious condition they instantly sent him to Yale-New Haven Hospital instantly but unfortunately, doctors were not able to save him and he died from his injuries.

Chris Andreozzi

Apart from it, 2 other drivers were also found engaged in the hit and they had minor injuries. They were also admitted to the hospital and now their condition is fine. The Crash Reconstruction Team of the New Haven Police Department is organizing a probe, which includes a mechanical examination of the Tesla. The report states that this incident occurred because the deceased was driving his car at a high speed. Police have recovered the video surveillance footage and interviewed witnesses.

To thoroughly probe the occurrence, the Crash Reconstruction Team from the New Haven Police Department fastly arrived at the crime scene. The team has been talking with the bystanders and trying to get important information that includes the videos of the accident. As of now, the case is under investigation, and due to that not many details are available at the moment.

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