What Happened To Chief Clyde Mnisi? Shot and killed in apparent hit

Shock waves continue to blow from Mpumalanga where the widow of Clyde Mnisi, Charlene Mathews was assassinated a week after the murder of the chief of the Mnisi clan in Mpumalanga. People of the state woke up with this tragic news which threw everyone into a frenzy to search for the detailed news. What were the circumstances surrounding Charlene Mathews’s murder and how did she die? A lot’s questions are being asked regarding the same. Meanwhile, we have covered all the imperative aspects of this story. So be sticky with this page and must read the following sections given below. Please scroll down the screen and take a look below.

Chief Clyde Mnisi

Chief Clyde Mnisi Death News

According to the reports, the news of Charlene Mathews’s murder came after a week when Clyde Mnisi was killed. The chief of the Mnisi clan, Clyde Mnisi was accused of being a kingpin in a massive rhino-poaching syndicate. Now, Charlene Mathews who was Clyde Mnisi’s widow also has been killed days after Clyde’s funeral. This shocking incident occurred on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. More details have been given in the following section. Shift to it.

The police report claimed that Charlene Mathews was shot dead on Tuesday at around 1:10 at Clyde Mnisi’s home located in Mkhuhlu Section F. Furthermore, the widow of Clyde Mnisi was found dead inside her home with two fatal gunshot wounds. She was shot dead two times in her head. Brigadier Selvy Mohlala who is the spokesperson for the Mpumalanga Police said, Charlene Mathews was found with two fatal gunshot wounds to her head in the house. Charlene Mathews was 30 years of age at the time of her killing.

The spokesperson further added that two other family members of Charlene Mathews were also found in the home. They were also wounded and they have been taken to a hospital. “Preliminary investigation by the police has since revealed that armed suspect somehow got into the house and shot at the three victims and then fled the scene.” The spokesperson also added, “Police found some cartridges on the scene. A team of investigators has been assembled and has already begun with the probe with the hope of arresting the perpetrator.” No arrest has been made yet but an intensive investigation is under process. This is a developing story and more updates will come up soon. Stay tuned.

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