Is Charles Cullen Attempt Suicide? Is He Going Through Depression

Charles Cullen is in the headlines as he is said to have had a suicide attempt. What happened to him? Was he going through any mental health disorders? We will discuss everything you want to know about Charles Cullen. keep reading for more information.

Charles Cullen

Who Is Charles Cullen?

Charles Cullen is said to be involved in several crimes over the past few years. He has attempted to die many times. He has been charged with life sentences eighteen times. He is 62 years old. He committed several crimes from 1998 to 2003. He has been a nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He has been nursing for 16 years. He has been said to be involved in killing more than thirty people. Charles Cullen has been said to have more than twenty suicide attempts. He was saved in every one of them.

Charles Cullen

He started killing himself at nine years of age. He once tried to attempt suicide at the age of 9 by trying to drink chemicals from a chemistry lab. He again attempted suicide at 17 when his mother passed away. He was admitted to the Navy psychiatric ward as he was involved in several suicide attempts. He was discharged in 1984. The reason behind his discharge was not mentioned. He is not at all fearful about his death. He keeps on trying for death. If he can kill himself, he can kill anyone. He was used to being bullied by his colleagues. He attempted suicide then also. He was trying vials of medicines to harm himself.

Crime Scene

Charles Cullen Current Updates:

Charles Cullen is currently in jail and has not said to be done any suicide attempts recently. He has been kept under constant supervision. Many sources claim that Charles is suffering from a mental illness. He was taken to psychiatric facilities. He is said to be going through depression. His depression also made him do such activities. He faced criticism and was bullied in his childhood. His mother also passed away at the age of seventeen while his father is also said to be passed away before his mother’s death.


Movie Made On Charles Cullen:

Killer Nurse is a movie that is based on the life story of Charles Cullen. The movie was directed by Ulli Lommel. He is in critical condition. He is indirectly and directly getting the punishment for the murders he has done, every second. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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