Changing the country’s medical education system! Find out what the experts are saying

NMC is taking a big decision with NExT exam which will completely change medical education in India. It will replace FMGE and NEET. Do you know what experts say about this?

India’s medical education system will change with next exam (hint image)

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The entire structure of medical education in the country is changing. There will be only one MBBS final year examination across the country. You are studying in any government or private medical college, university of the country.. Final will be held simultaneously for all. Those medical students also have to take this exam (NExT Exam), who are returning to India after studying abroad. They will be allowed to practice only after clearing it. The preparation is such that after the next exam comes NEET PG The exam will be over.

The National Medical Commission issued a draft to this effect on 28 December 2022. This new test will be known as National Exit Test (NExT). The Commission itself envisioned it in 2019.

What are the benefits of NExT exam?

Indian medical students who clear the next exam will have two major advantages.

  1. They will be allowed to practice medicine.
  2. They can get admission in PG Medical with this exam score.

This initiative is expected to bring major changes in the medical education system of the country. Currently, the quality of medical education is repeatedly raised. It is customary in private medical colleges that medical education is conducted on the basis of money. There are allegations of taking crores of rupees for admission in PG.

Obviously after this NEET PG and FMGE will automatically cease to exist. Currently, doctors returning to India after doing MBBS from abroad have to take the FMGE exam for medical practice license in the country. For admission in PG medical courses, NEET PG exam is required.

What do the experts say about the next test?

Medical expert Professor Dr. PK Singh applauded the government’s decision. He says that ‘I have been active as a doctor and professor for 40 years. The need for such a change in medical education has long been felt. It will increase the quality of education. Private medical colleges will recruit good teachers, because no parent wants their child to fail after paying crores of fees. Now private institutes have to teach themselves, take exams, give marks. In the new system, when medical students have to participate in national level exams, only quality education will come in handy. Not forever.

Dr Raja Rupani, a professor at a government medical university, said, ‘This decision is welcome. But at the same time they do not miss that it has two sides. Good and bad. I would welcome a new system though. Because it is a lucrative deal for new medical students.

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Dr. Vijay Prakash said – ‘The decision is good. However, indiscipline will increase in the medical education campus. Students are already angry. When they know that the teachers have no role in the final result, they will not treat the teachers properly. However, this step is necessary for the quality of medical education.


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