Fact check: Is Cameron Robbins Dead Or Alive? American Tennage Missing During Bahamas Cruise

An 18-year-old teen Cameron Robbins has been found dead. The 18-year-old Cameron Robbins was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for his graduation celebrations. The Royal Bahamas Police Force claims the youngster most likely jumped from a pleasure boat at Athol Island, close to Nassau. According to witnesses who spoke to CBS station WAFB-TV, he was acting on a dare. Along with the Police, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, and the United States Coast Guard are also looking for Robbins. On Thursday night, the Coast Guard reported that air troops were helping with the search. Cameron Robbins, 18, a recent graduate of University High Lab School, is missing after falling overboard a boat last night in the Bahamas, according to an email from LSU spokesman Abbi Rocha Laymoun to McClatchy News on May 25. Scroll down to another stanza of this article to learn more about this case.

Cameron Robbins

Is Cameron Robbins Dead Or Alive?

Cameron Robbins, a U-High alumnus who went overboard on Wednesday night, is reportedly lost in the Bahamas, according to LSU officials, however, his demise has not yet been confirmed. The U.S. Coast Guard announced on Facebook that it is helping the Royal Bahamas Defence Force with “search efforts for a missing American citizen believed to have fallen overboard from a sunset cruise near Nassau yesterday evening.”

Cameron Robbins

According to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, who spoke with WBRZ, they are looking into allegations that Robbins dove into the water while wearing a life jacket on a dare and swam in the area around the yacht. Robbins has not been found, according to LSU, despite the fact that authorities are seeking him. According to officials, numerous seniors from other schools were reportedly traveling to Atlantis on a vacation that U-High had not authorized.

Cameron Robbins

Director of the University Lab School Kevin George claimed to have spoken to Robbins’ family and that authorities are still looking for him. We need to work together and assist one another during difficult times. “Words cannot express how concerned our entire school community is,” George said. George announced that more counselors would be on campus to engage with students and teachers. George continued, “We ask that you keep the Robbins family in your prayers as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.” The school held a prayer vigil for the students on Thursday morning. Join us as we tell this story as it unfolds. Soon, more information will be updated. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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