Why Brother Bernard Original Video Is Trending On Social Media?

Those people who are actively using social media platforms have recently encountered memes that create a lot of buzz on social media. It is quite obvious for people to search for this meme which has been constructed after the video getting viral. Now, people want to know what is the real story behind Brother Bernard Meme. Social media users never look to run out of funny moments, and Internet users are always on the search for the next meme or viral video to share. Recently, the video engaging “Brother Bernard” is the latest sensation and this video is currently trending on Twitter and other platforms as well.

Brother Bernard Original Video

Brother Bernard Original Video

As of now, this video has been shared by millions of people and they are commenting on it and want to know more details about it. Now those who have not watched the video are keen to know what depict in it which makes it viral and brings it to the top chart. As per the report, in this undated video, a lady is watched dramatically throwing herself into the grave of Brother Bernard at the time of his burial ceremony. In the video, it can be seen that the lady was crying and saying “Oh brother Bernard” and then she jumps into the grave just moments after the dead body was laid to rest.

People who were present at the place were shocked and some of them tried to aid her to come out of the grave. The users of Twitter have re-shared this video and uploaded their own kind of videos, usually humorously comparing the action of the lady to people falling in many situations, such as while walking in the streets and on football pitches. This incident happened in Ghana and the video went viral like wildfire on the web. The funeral occurred in Ghana and the woman who came here to attend the funeral was seen jumping onto the dead body of Father Bernard who was famously known as Brother Bernard, as he lay in his grave.

Numerous reactions have appeared related to the video and many people found this video to be funny and that is why they are sharing it with each other. Now there are many people who want to know about Father Bernard. He was a Roman Catholic priest who became a topic of subject on social media after his burial video surfaced on the web. The woman is not identified yet but we are trying to find her. The video has been removed from social media. Father Bernard Ackon, the Parish Priest of St. John the Baptist Church in Saltpond, died on 21st February 2023.

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