Brandon Miller Murder Case Explained: Alabama Player Death Threats And Gun Story

Whenever any star died it automatically become a hot topic of discussion and accumulated a huge controversy. This time as well the murder case of Brandon Miller has accumulated huge controversy and his fans are feeling helpless ever since they heard about his passing news. He was a talented American college basketball player who plays this sport for the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). He was famous for his impressive skills and unique playing on the court, including athleticism, ability, and playmaking. He was even the 5-star recruit and considered one of the top players in the 2022 class. Sadly, he had finished his 1st year, and his career just starting to take shape.

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller Murder Case Explained

Cops testimony has disclosed that Brandon Jordan Miller was present at the crime scene of the lethal shooting that happened on 15th January and transported the gun used in this incident. The cops state that Joshua Mill asked Miller to bring the gun of Mill to the crime scene and Mill retrieved the gun from his car of Miller when he comes up. The cops asserted that Mill gave the weapon to someone who was identified as Davis. Later on, Davis reportedly shot and assassinated a man named Harris at the time of the argument. Davis and Mill were detained on the day of the incident and both were charged with capital homicide.

Brandon Miller

As per Paula Whitley, the district attorney of Tuscaloosa’s chief assistant, Brandon Jordan Miller will not face charges concerning the lethal shooting because there is no proper proof made available to charge him. Their lawyer Miller has also further added that the late basketball layer did not touch the weapon, and the proof does not support the ending that he played any kind of direct role in the crime. After the shooting, Miller stated, “I never lose sight of the fact that the family lost one of their loved ones that night.” He further added that “This entire situation is just really sad and heartbreaking. Respectfully, that is all I am going to be able to say on that.”

Brandon Miller

Apart from it, Brandon Jordan, the freshman basketball star at the University of Alabama, has reported getting direct death menaces after the victory of his team over Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Coach Nate Oats had previously revealed that Miller had been getting such menaces in response to the player being watched by the security guard at the time of the practice session ahead of the NCAA Tournament. It is not clear who sent him the menace or about from where the calls were sent. Police are taking this incident very seriously and looking into the matter.

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