Is Bo Brady Dead On Days Of Our Lives? Character fate explored

If there’s one thing we like above all else, it’s when a soap opera manages to truly catch us off, guard. The jaw-dropping moments will have you involuntarily gasping in surprise, which is exactly what happened as the April 24th episode of Days of Our Lives concluded. Read the below article to know more. Honestly, the episode was Days at both its very best and worst. We got the campiness of Thomas Banks. We got Roman, John, and Marlena all of whom have been declared dead on multiple occasions, somehow being surprised to hear that Bo wasn’t as dead as formerly believed. And we got a slew of Bo and Hope flashbacks building up to a literal cliffhanger. The arranged set-up for the final moment was classic Days, with Hope begging her beloved Bo to recall their epic story. He, however, insisted that he couldn’t be the man he need to be with her in this world. It was a battle of good vs. evil, with both sides residing within our hero’s broken heart.

Bo Dead On Days Of Our Lives

Is Bo Brady Dead On Days Of Our Lives?

In case of any problem with the flashbacks, it was that many were from a time when soaps in general, and Days, in particular, did lavish, on-location shoots. This only served to highlight just how incredibly cheap the effects being used in the cliffside scenes really were. Given the gorgeous dialogue and beautiful flashbacks, the daily soap would have been better off staging the entire sequence on a set. Instead, the effects became a distraction and, inevitably the thing many viewers couldn’t help but focus upon. But of course, that is not the end of the story. And it is unlikely that the next beat will find Hope yet again mourning her true love. In fact, that’s the one thing Days absolutely, positively can not do.

Bo Dead On Days Of Our Lives

But most importantly, death has become so meaningless in Salem that the supposed passing of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla had little to no impact on those left behind. Characters routinely joke about the fact that no one ever stays dead in Salem. Instead, it seems likely that Bo will survive, with him and Hope to reunite and exiting in order for her to help him recuperate in some far from Salem. It proves that the rest of us will simply have to be content with the thought of the super couple getting a much-deserved happily ever after. Thank you for being a patient reader.

Bo Dead On Days Of Our Lives Bo Dead On Days Of Our Lives Bo Dead On Days Of Our Lives

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