Blackpool Pier Collapsed In 2023: Has Blackpool Central Pier Collapsed?

Social media has been flooded with rumors that are claiming the most famous Central Pier of Blackpool has collapsed. It is true? As the rumor is quite intriguing in itself, it easily threw the netizens into a frenzy to search for whether it is true or not. As a result of viral of this news, a lot of speculations have been catering among social media users. It won’t be wrong to conclude that Blackpool’s Central Pier is one of the most shared and searched topics on social media in March 2023. As many people are showing their curiosity in knowing if it is true or not, we did a deep study on it and gathered information. A lot of imperative aspects related to Central Pier have been responded to later in the article. You are advised to stick with it and must read it till the end to fetch all the information. Scroll down the screen and take a peek at the following sections.

Blackpool Pier Collapsed

Has Blackpool Central Pier Collapsed In 2023?

For information, there are a total of three piers in the city and the Central Pier is the most popular and famous among the people. As per the sources, Central Pier was built back in 1868. It has been centuries since it was built but now in 2023 rumors are spreading that Central Pier of Blackpool has collapsed, which left people in a frenzy to search for it.


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Central Pier is quite popular among people for its various attractions including a 33-meter wheel and funfair. Reportedly, Central Pier is located 550 yards from the Blackpool Tower. Talking about the rumors about Central Pier, social media posts are claiming that Central Pier has collapsed but it is totally bogus. The Central Pier did not collapse. We have also found the origin of this fake news. Scroll down the page and read the information.

Blackpool Pier Collapsed

The rumors about Central Pier started traveling on social media after a TikTok video went viral. The video was posted by an account beneath the username @paradise17.1, the video was captioned, “Central Pier is going down in Blackpool” The video shows waves crashing onto a pier and making a hole in it and damaging the wooden panels. The video then zooms into some police deputies inspecting the damage. But the video was not actually of Blackpool’s Central Pier. It is a prank. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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