Bigg Boss 16: Sajid angry at Shiva’s comments, friends divided over Sumbul!

Bigg Boss 16: Family Week is on in the Bigg Boss house. Where Sumbal’s elder father arrives home to meet him. Sumbal’s elder father is seen taunting Sajid. Due to which a rift occurs between friends.

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Bigg Boss 16: Family week is going on in the Bigg Boss house. Almost all contestants have their family members visit them. Last day, Sumbal’s elder father, Soundarya’s mother and Srijita J’s fiance came home. But it was Sumbal’s elder father who was most in the limelight. When he came home, he tried to convince Sumbul a lot. Sumbal’s elder father is seen advising him to play his game. Apart from this, he was also seen taunting Sajid Khan.

Actually Sumbul’s elder father sits with the whole team and tries to convince them that Sumbul is a 19 year old girl. If he is a child, he will act like a child. But they sent him to the Big Boss to be a little wiser. Meanwhile Sumbul runs away for his jacket. Where Sajid interrupts him again and says see how Shiva ran away like a child again. To which Shiva says that he is a child. He is brought in only to be seen as such. People like him that way.

Shiva gets very angry with Sajid for not supporting him. Sajid apologizes to Sumbal and angrily takes him to his room. After this Shiva says that he does not understand that his words go against him. Later Shiva goes to Sajid’s house to convince him. What Sajid says, I am not used to hearing. I did not come to listen to anyone. Hearing this Shiva left there.

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Later MC Stan came to convince Sajid. Sajid then said that since he was called Chacha, he started sitting far and wide. This is right for her. Not only that, after a while Sajid cleared all his complaints sitting with Shiva. However, Shiva again convinces Sajid that anyone who interrupts him so much, will become a villain.


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