‘Big Boss 16’ will open the doors of Priyanka’s fortune, Salman Khan expressed his desire to work!

Bigg Boss 16: Every season of Bigg Boss proves to be very lucky for many people. Last week saw a lot of new things on the show. Family members of the contestants were also seen on the show.

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Bigg Boss 16: Each season of Bigg Boss opens the door to the fortunes of many contestants. There are also many contestants who didn’t even win, but got so much love from people that they got many projects. The Bigg Boss show presents the personalities of the contestants entering the house in front of the world. Here the contestant who manages to impress the fans may or may not get the trophy of the show, but he/she gets a lot of work in the industry.

Simi Grewal was recently seen in the Bigg Boss house. He talks to everyone and asks some questions. Everyone loves Simi Grewal’s style. Simi also spoke to Salman about the war on Friday. Whereas Salman Khan while replying to one of her words said that he wants to work with Priyanka Chowdhury and Sajid Khan in future. He also praised Priyanka. The actress Malo called him an actor.

Salman Khan is often seen giving classes to people in Bigg Boss 16. One of which is the name of Priyanka Chowdhury. Priyanka has received a lot of criticism from Salman so far. However, last week Salman also said that he is stopping Priyanka from going down the path of self-destruction. Salman also told Priyanka last week that she will go ahead and become a big heroine.

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Should the film be made now or not? But when Farah Khan entered the house before Salman, she also called Priyanka Deepika from Bigg Boss. Not only this, there are also reports that Ekta Kapoor is also going to participate in the Bigg Boss house and she will come on the show and sign some of the contestants. If reports are to be believed, Ekta will also offer Priyanka a web series of her own.


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