Betty Gore Autopsy Report and Crime Scene Photos, Case Update

An autopsy is usually performed when police are trying to find the real reason for the death. As some time the cause of death does not appear with examination or tests and hence postmortem is performed on the dead body. Usually, postmortem is required in murder cases and it really helpful to make understand the actual cause of the death. One such autopsy report is in the news after police lodged a murder case. However, this incident happened in 1980 but still, this case is the talk of the town. According to the reports, the autopsy report of Betty Gore was out shortly after her assassination in June 1980.

Candy Montgomery

Betty Gore Autopsy Report

The reports state that she was killed by a friend who was also her neighbor. The suspect was identified as Candy Montgomery who hailed from Wylie, Texas. At that time, this news pulled a lot of attention, and remains many questions left behind it which is still making people find out about the matter. Everyone wants to know why her friend killed her and what was the motive of this killing. The case was quite complicated and one after another new layer of this case was opening. One interesting factor suggested that the suspect was having an extramarital affair with the husband of Gores and maybe it was the reason for the death.

Later on, reports suggest that when things came to a head between them at the time of an argument that was fueled by high emotions, it directed to physical violence which later on resulted in the death of Gore. But according to the suspect, she killed Gores in order to save her life and stated that she just acted in her self-defense. When this news came into the town, it became a huge topic of discussion as this case was emotionally fraught, forcing those impacted by its events in order to confront the realities of violence, betrayal, and love. The reports state that the crime scene was quite horrifying as the dead body of the victim was covered with blood. The killer also tried to damage her face so that no one can recognize her.

At that time, Detective Juan Rivera worked on this case and sans wasting further time, he took 9 pictures of the crime scene. This case was also featured in a show which shows the shocking revelation of the case. The accused, Candace Montgomery faced trial over accusations that she had used an axe in order to tilled Betty Gore but sadly she was found not guilty due to lack of evidence and she got bailed. Those people who want to watch this case in a graphic way can check it out at

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