Fact check: Is Becky G Dad Passed Away? Family and Siblings

There are many fans who worship their favourite celebrities like God and if anything wrong happens to them can distress them. Celebrities are always the soft target of fake news and that is why any bad news related to them appeared on the web or in the news the fans start looking to know the truth of it. Most of the time the death rumours of celebrities surfaced on the web which easily pulled the attention of fans. Many unauthorized new websites shares fake news so that they can get a lot of traffic to their website. But it is necessary to check the authenticity of the news before believing it.

Becky G Dad

Is Becky G Dad Passed Away?

That is why we came here to find out the reality of the death rumour of Becky G. The death news of the contemporary American music artist has spread like wildfire and many of his fans are in shock mode. The fans of the talented singer and actress are looking to know the truth about it. This celebrity rose her fan following with her captivating and stunning online videos covering famous songs. Her talent was noticed by the record producer Dr Luke who decided to give her a chance in the music album and offered a record deal in collaboration with Kemosabe Records under RCA Records.

Becky G Dad

Since that, she never turned back and keep on touching the height of success. Now she is in the news not because of her upcoming music album or any song but due to her fake death rumours. Yes, you read it right, all the rumours related to her demise are completely bogus as she is fine and doing very well. She is not dead but sadly she lost her father. So she has not died in fact her father has passed away. Not only her father, she also lost her beloved grandfather. Miguel was her grandpa and his unfortunate death has left a deep sadness.

Becky G Dad

In order to express her grief, she took her Twitter account in order to express her grief on the sudden and sad departure of his grandpa. She states in Spanish how much Miguel was important to her and she always loved him. Her commitment to keeping the memory of Miguel alive was proof as the take the pledge to honour him by continuing to chase her dreams no matter what. Some stupid people misunderstood her statement and thought that she was the one who has died. So all the rumours which are stating that she is no more are completely fake and she is completely fine.

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