Beau Mann’s Net Worth: Missing Tech CEO Found Dead

Recently the news about Beau Mann is going viral over the internet. When the public gets to know about him over the internet they all started to search for him. The public like to know about him as a person and they also like to know about his net worth. Everyone is going through the internet to know about the CEO of the Stable Sober Living app, as he passed away recently. The public also likes to know the reason behind his death. In this article, we are going to give all information about Beau Mann. Keep reading the article to know more about him.

Beau Mann

Beau Mann’s Net Worth

Nearly a year and a half after going missing, Beau Mann, the CEO of a well-known sober living app, was found dead in Los Angeles earlier this week. The search for 39-year-old Beau Mann was highlighted by NBC’s Dateline during this time, and his fiance Jason Abate’s social media campaign helped draw attention to the case. The bones of Mann were allegedly discovered after an 18-month search “in the outdoor areas of an abandoned property,” according to Santa Monica police, but there are several questions that remain unexplained. Continue reading to the end to learn more about Beau Mann’s death and the case of his disappearance.

Beau Mann

After Beau Mann’s terrible death, there has been a lot of talk about his net worth recently. His specific compensation hasn’t yet been made public, though. Nevertheless, given that Beau had a fruitful and successful professional career, we might assume that his net worth was sizable. He was a digital entrepreneur as well as the CEO and founder of Sober Grid. This digital health software enables users to connect with others in order to share experiences of recovery and to offer support to one another. His startup, Sober Grid, sought to provide mental health addiction support and care for those in recovery.

Beau Mann

Due to his own struggles with mental illness, Beau founded his business with the goal of offering people who are seeking recovery a safe and friendly environment. Beau Mann likely made a sizable sum from his IT profession and his company, Sober Grid, even if his pre-death net worth was not disclosed. In 2015, Beau founded Sober Grid, the first ever digital application to house a 24/7, online, international community for those in recovery. Sober Grid was released to the market in 2016. In addition, his company, Sober Grid, is still operating and upholds his aim of making mental health care accessible to everybody at a reasonable cost.

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