BBC Breakfast fans ’emotional’ as Nina Warhurst shares father’s devastating diagnosis

Daughters are always close to their fathers. They even watch father personalities in their partners and even fathers are extra protective, possessive, or caring towards their daughters. No one can change their happy relationship and that is why fathers always treat their daughters as a princess. However, if anything happens to the father or the daughter both get instantly worried and look for better treatment. Something similar happened with Nina Warhurst who recently shares the devastating diagnosis news of her father with her BBC Breakfast admires and made them emotional. She has been encouraged by her admirers after she talked about the dementia of her father.

BBC Breakfast fans ’emotional’ as Nina Warhurst

Nina Warhurst

She recently created a short film about the story of her father after he was diagnosed with dementia in 2023. This short film played on Monday’s installment of the morning program. People get emotional after watching the film and express their love as well as concern for her. There are many people who haven’t watched the video yet but the chaos is making them curious to know about it. Even those who have watched the film are talking about it online and still looking for more details about it. The emotional movie featured old videos of her father, Chris along with the family.

Nina Warhurst

In the video, Chris’s 3 3 daughters Mel, Nina, and Amy are seen discussing the heartbreaking diagnosis of their father. In the viral video, the BBC presenter was spotted in broke down state in the viral video as she admitted to feeling “really sad or guilty” because they stopped “amusing and enjoying the company of each other” prior to they have informed by their fans that Chris had dementia. After they get a diagnosis of Chris, it meant they could give him the good and the right support which left her more positive. Now, this video is trending on social media and people are sharing it with each other.

Nina Warhurst

It become a huge topic of discussion on social media. Nina states that she even feels guilty for losing her temper and patience with the forgetfulness of her father as he struggles with this disease. Not only fans but this video also shines a light on the plight of dementia victims. The 42-year-old Warhurst along with her sisters are presently taking care of their father. Chris was diagnosed with this disease last year but Nina accepted that she is still coming to terms with the toll. She informed during Monday’s edition of BBC Breakfast that “We have been lucky that my father has never gotten angry.”

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