Barstool Pizza Review Dragon Pizza: Dave Portnoy vs Dragon Pizza owner

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Barstool Pizza Review Dragon Pizza

Barstool Pizza Review Dragon Pizza

Online interest is generated by Dave Portnoy’s pizza review at Dragon Pizza, which turns into a heated argument with the proprietor. Pizza shop owner Dave Portnoy challenged him during a review, which sparked a heated discussion between the two, turning the founder of Barstool Sports’ pizza reviews into a hot mess. The recent event has simply served to increase Dave’s exposure. Portnoy has been on a culinary adventure since moving to New York City in 2017, visiting a number of pizzerias and regularly posting video reviews of their experiences. His “One Bite” business, which was established as a result of the popularity of these video reviews, has grown to encompass an app and frozen pizza items.

Portnoy frequently visits Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts for his pizza reviews, which frequently include amusing celebrity guests and humorous material, but this time was different. The proprietor of Dragon Pizza walked through the eatery as Dave was examining the pizza and yelled at him in fury. An argumentative exchange of words resulted from the circumstance. The argument’s video clip rapidly went viral online and received a tonne of attention on social media. Portnoy rated Dragon Pizza a meager score of 6.4 in the video. He complained about his meal’s texture, calling it “overly floppy,” and also voiced his displeasure with the parmesan flavor.

When the proprietor of the pizza restaurant approached Portnoy, he accused him of harming small businesses by making snap decisions about their goods based on only one slice. The passersby who recognized Dave Portnoy went on to speak out in defense of the Bar Stool creator, approaching him and expressing ‘how amazing it is to see him stand up for himself’. In response to the owner’s criticism, Portnoy lighthearted mocked his clothing, especially his little T-shirt. When the store’s owner threatened to call the police since Portnoy’s review was being conducted outside on the sidewalk, the situation got worse.

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