Fact check: Is Barrister Smooth Involved in Accident? Ijaw Singer Health update

Shock waves are coming from Warri Delta State where a man was killed in broad daylight by some daredevils. The cliche in this headline is that the victim was said to be the personal driver of famous Ijaw musician Barrister Smooth. Yes, this is the reason this news is catching the traction of the audience from around the world. In fact, Barrister Smooth’s driver’s murder news is trending on Twitter where many people have condemned the act and asked for an intensive investigation into this case. Since this news broke out, it has been making headlines and sending shock waves to the fans and causing them to search for what happened to Barrister Smooth. However, the musician is absolutely fine. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Barrister Smooth

Is Barrister Smooth Involved in Accident?

The authorities also confirmed that the killing of Barrister Smooth’s driver was a result of a robbery as the dare devil robbers took away a sum of N5 million. This incident is a matter of the Government Reserved Area of Warri, Warri Delta State. The deceased was a young man and he was working as the driver of popular Ijaw musician Barrister Smooth. What was the name of the victim? We have shared some imperative details in the following section. Kindly go through them.

Barrister Smooth

The official driver of Barrister Smooth, who was gunned down in Warri Delta State was known as Chidobe Nkem. He was the personal driver for the musician. Reportedly, Chidobe Nkem was returning from the bank after withdrawing cash of around N5 million on behalf of his boss at around 8:34 am when he was attacked and killed by four men. What were the circumstances surrounding Barrister Smooth’s driver’s killing? The authorities have shared some imperative details in the report. Scroll down the page and know what happened with Barrister Smooth’s driver Chidobe Nkem.

Barrister Smooth

It was 8:34 am when Chidobe Nkem was approached by a gang of robbers in a Brown Toyota Corolla car. The robbers trailed and intercepted Chidobe after withdrawing cash from the bank in Effurun. The police further stated the dare-devil robbers gunned down Barrister Smooth’s driver with multiple shots fired from a close range and fled the scene with money. Later the dead body of Barrister Smooth’s driver was taken to Warri Central Hospital mortuary. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family and relatives of Chidobe Nkem. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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