WATCH: Badkid Tyson Fight at School with Kam, Macei, Terrell, Talan Video Surfaced Online

Nowadays, children are getting quite aggressive and getting involved in serious fights which sometimes helps them to be in the news. This time as well, we are present here to talk about one such school fight which help the person to be in the limelight and now considered a popular social media personality. Yes, you are thinking right, we are talking about Badkid Tyson who is famous for his viral videos on Tiktok. As we said one of the most famous videos features him in the school fight. There is no doubt in saying that, this video has gone viral on social media and become an interesting topic to have a discussion on it people are quite interested in this video and want to know what exactly occur and brought him into the news.

Badkid Tyson

Badkid Tyson Fight at School Video

Apart from it, there are many people who want to know his age and other details of his personal life and if you also want to know the same then keep on reading this blog and you will get all the details. The fight of Badkid Tyson was first posted on Tiktok and fastly went viral on other platforms as well and accumulating a lot of attention. In the viral video, the Tiktok personality can be spotted involved in a physical fight with another pupil and the entire incident was happening inside the school premises. It is yet not known who made this video but it is posted by Badkid Tyson

. After watching this video many people get offended and criticize it by stating that, this video is promoting violence and has sparked a debate about the safety of pupils on school premises. Several individuals believe that schools should be safe spaces where pupils can learn sans fear of violence. Though, incidents like the Badkid Tyson night highlight the requirement for increased safety measures in schools and other educational institutions. Now it is time to know about the kid who was depicted in the video which went viral on social media platforms.

The Age Of Badkid Tyson

As we mentioned above, the kid depicted in the video is Badkid Tyson whose real name is Tyson Richardson. He was born on 15th November 2007 which means he is currently 15 years old. Apart from his fighting video, he was famous for his dance videos, collaborations, and comedy skits with other members of the Badkid group. He has accumulated a huge fan following on Tiktok and he is considered one of the most famous members of his group. The other team members of his group are, Badkid Kam, 16, Badkid Macei, 16, Badkid Terrell, 19, and Badkid Talan, 17.

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