Fact check: Is Baawale Chore arrested? Sankalp and Sambhav arrested video goes viral

The viewers of MTV Ace of Space contestants were left completely shocked and stunned when Baawle Chore Sankalp and Sambhav left the house on a sudden note. Since the twin brothers from Rajasthan left MTV Ace of Space, fans are perplexed and keen to know why Sankalp and Sambhav left the show. Lots of questions are swiveling in their minds such as why Baawle Chore Sankalp and Sambhav left the show and will they return to the show? Everything we have explained in the following section. However, the officials of the show did not reveal the reason for Sankalp and Sambhav’s sudden exit from the show. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out what happened. Stay tuned to this blog to know the reason. Swipe down the page.

Baawale Chore

Is Baawale Chore arrested?

Rajasthani Twin Brothers were asked to leave the house suddenly when the host of the show Vikas Gupta told them to come out of the house as their family need them most at this time. However, the host did not reveal the reason for their exit. But the Twin brothers were in tension when they were asked to come out of the house. As per the reports, their family called them to leave the house as they need them during this time.


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Reportedly, Sankalp and Sambhav’s maternal grandfather is suffering from Stage 4 Cancer and breathing his last. So their family decided to call them from the show due to the tough situation in their lives. In addition, Sankalp and Sambhav’s mother’s health is also a little bad due to her father’s illness. Now they are at their home. Their family needs their support. After coming out of the house, Baawle Chore also revealed the reason for their surprising exit. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

MTV Ace of Space House will surely miss the Rajasthani Judwaa Brothers. However, it is expected that Sankalp and Sambhav will return to the show once their family comes out of the difficult time. But all we have is just speculation, nothing is confirmed. The officials of the show have not made such statements. The decision will only be taken as per the situation at the time in the future. But there is a possibility that Sankalp and Sambhav will make their return to the reality show. Our best wishes and support are with them and their families during this time. Stay tuned.

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