Auto Expo: This Special Electric Scooter Is For ‘Sinners’! Do not brake with your foot

Self Balancing Scooter: If you are a girl and want to ride a scooter too, then there are self balancing scooters in the market. The great thing is that this scooter does not require balancing. At the same time, you don’t even have to brake with your foot. Now those who taunt the Father’s angel will receive a good answer.

Learn about Self Balancing Scooters

Image credit source: Liger Mobility

Auto Balancing Electric Scooter for Girls: Auto Expo 2023 will see several advanced technology vehicles. Meanwhile, a scooter was spotted at the expo, which you don’t have to make any effort to balance. It will come with auto balancing technique. If it is seen nowadays, when the name of scooter comes, the first thing that comes to the attention of girls. Now for the fairies of the father of our country Auto balancing scooter Can prove very beneficial.

It has often been observed that girls find it a challenge to balance or stop the scooter. However, a video has gone viral on social media in which the girls mishandle the scooter and have an accident. How nice that you don’t have to balance the scooter and also experience a great ride. That is why you can now give a good answer to those who taunted the Holy Angel.

Mumbai-based startup Ligar Mobility has showcased the world’s first self-balancing electric scooter at the Auto Expo. Liger X has been launched. This scooter is completely made in India and will be launched for sale very soon.

How Auto-Balancing Technology Works

The company has been working on this scooter and technology for the past 6 years. Auto balancing technique is used in this scooter which is artificial intelligence i.e. AI based technique. This technology works on the principle of gyroscopic principle of physics. Because of this, the scooter stays stable in place with the help of sensors. The sensors provided in it collect all the data around the scooter and the AI ​​processes it.

Need a scooter stand?

Now most of the people will have the question whether this upcoming scooter will come with a side stand or we tell you that the auto-balancing electric scooter will come with a side stand. The company says that the auto balancing technique in this scooter is for slow-speed. The scooter balances itself at high speeds. But this trick only works when the scooter is turned on and its sensors are also active. If the scooter is closed, the side or main stand should be kept upright.

So it is beneficial for Baba’s angels

It is often seen that while driving the scooter at slow-speed or on rough roads, it is difficult to balance the scooter or use the feet to stop the scooter. In such a situation this journey becomes very dangerous and tiring for them. To make this journey comfortable in such conditions, now girls can also save their feet from getting dirty in the mud.

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Now they will also get rid of these problems. The auto-balancing technique is intended to provide the user with a safe and comfortable ride experience. If you’re driving slowly on a muddy road or stop at a signal, you don’t have to keep your feet on the ground.


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