Auto Expo 2023: This new electric scooter is awesome, price and driving range will surprise you

The Mihos EV electric scooter has been launched for customers at the Auto Expo 2023. Let us give you the information about what price this new electric scooter has been launched and how many kilometers of driving range you will get with this scooter.

Electric Scooter: Know How Much It Costs

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this year Auto Expo 2023 inside Electric scooter And rocking electric vehicles, two-wheeler manufacturers Joy e bike WardWizard’s parent company has launched a new electric scooter. Mihos EV Launched for customers. For the information of the people, we tell you that this retro style scooter promises a comfortable ride.

Mihos EV Price

If we talk about the price of this latest electric scooter launched at Auto Expo 2023, then the company has priced this scooter at Rs 1 lakh 49 thousand (ex-showroom price). But one thing to note here is the starting price of this scooter.

While giving information about this new electric scooter, the company said that it is a high-speed electric scooter that comes with poly dicyclopentadiene material (PDCPD) which makes it more durable.

Battery and driving range details

In the Mihos EV electric scooter, the company has provided a 74V40Ah Li-Ion based battery, with which the company claims that the scooter can cover a distance of up to 100 km once fully charged. In terms of speed, the company says that this scooter is capable of accelerating from 0 to 40kmph in less than 7 seconds. In this scooter, the company has given electronic braking system with twin-disc brakes.

Talking about other features offered in this electric scooter, you can control this scooter through the company’s Joy e Connect app through the Bluetooth feature on this scooter. You will also find features like antitheft, reverse mode and GPS system in this scooter.

Electric bike presented to Rockefeller

At Auto Expo 2023, the company Mihos is a semi-electric bike other than EV Rockefeller has also been introduced which gets features like hydraulic brakes, vehicle tracking feature, geo-fencing and audio playback. This electric bike offers a top speed of 70kmph.


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