WATCH: Asherah Gomez AKA Ashipooh Viral Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Asherah Gomez also known as Ashipooh’s video is said to be leaked on social media. People want to know more about the video. You will get complete details about her in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Asherah Gomez

Who Is Asherah Gomez?

Asherah Gomez is well-known for creating content on social media. She belongs to Sri Lanka. Asherah also posts videos on YouTube. She posts videos related to her travel experience. She has 21.8k followers currently. She has increased her followers and subscribers now. She has been posting on YouTube and Instagram since 2013. She mentions herself as a travel and lifestyle content creator.  People are curious to know about Ashipooh’s leak video.

Asherah Gomez

Asherah Gomez Leaked Video:

Asherah is a well-known Sri Lankan traveler and YouTuber. She has been in the headlines as her video is said to be viral on social media. According to some unverified sources, she is said to be involved in explicit moments. While it’s not the first time when famous personalities are used and fake rumors are spread to get views on their name. There are many incidents when a star is said to be involved in explicit moments and their video goes viral. While in reality, it is not them in the video. They are just related to any random person’s video. Many have believed the rumors and she has been said to be receiving a lot of criticism.

Asherah Gomez

The video is said to be going viral on Twitter and Reddit. Many websites share her video. Many YouTube channels are also promoting fake links. We would advise you not to click on the links provided by the websites and channels as they might be fake and leads to virus. People are also eager to hear from Asherah Gomez but she has not mentioned anything about it yet.


Asherah Gomez is a Sri-Lankan travel vlogger and YouTuber. She was said to be in the headlines as her video was viral regarding her being involved in explicit moments. The video leak is said to belong to someone else. There is no confirmation whether she was the one in the video. We would like to call it a rumor as there is no confirmation yet. We will update you as soon as we get to know more about it. she is married and living happily with her husband. The couple often shares their picture together on social media. Stay tuned for more details.

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