Arrest At Strathpine Video shows officer recorded punching man before using Taser

A video of a crash that happened in north of Brisbane is going viral on the internet showing an officer punching the driver of the wrecked car and violently arresting the driver. In fact, a controversy has emerged as people are seeing it as a violent arrest and demanding an investigation into this case while the police commissioner of Queensland came in support of the cop who punches in the viral footage of the accident showing a violent arrest. As the video is going viral on social media, more people are taking over the internet and seeking information about the violent arrest at Strathpine. Stick with this page and take a look below for more details

Arrest At Strathpine

Arrest At Strathpine Video

The accident happened on Thursday when an officer attended the crash. After attending the crash, the cop repeatedly punched one of the drivers of the cars piled up north of Brisbane. The cop deployed a Taser while he remained in the front seat of the accidental car. According to the police, three cars crashed at Strathpine on the corner of Gympie and Samsonvale roads at around 1:45 pm on Thursday, June 22, 2023. The footage of the incident showing the officer repeatedly punching the driver has gone viral. Continue reading the article and know more about it.

The next day, on Friday, June 23, 2023, the police commissioner of Queensland named Katarina Carroll said the video in the public domain was confronting but it also needed to view in context. Katarina said she had reviewed the clip captured from the bodycam of the officer. According to Queensland Police Commissioner, the incident was volatile and they were angry scenes. Furthermore, the cop gave very clear instructions as to what he expected, said Carroll. Shift to the next section and read more details.

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The police commissioner of Queensland further added, “The officer was on his own, in what was a situation where someone was affected by drugs, under the influence, involved in a road crash and as a result of that, I’ve escalated the situation to go to ethical standards immediately for an assessment. Not only will they look at the footage that we’ve seen, but they will also look at the cop’s body-worn video, as well as other body-worn videos as well as CCTV video”. The video shows the driver making a turn at the corner at speed but it crashed into cars that were on rest at the lights. Stay tuned.

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