How did Ariel Villasanta aka Cromwell Valencia die? Malaysia actor death reported

We are here to address the ongoing death rumors of Ariel Villasanta. There are many people who believe that Filipino actor Ariel Villasanta has passed away and is no more on this earth. Is it true? Lots of perplexions have occurred among the fans after coming across this news. Thus, we decided to prepare an article and address the ongoing death rumors of Philippine star Ariel Villasanta. What happened to him? In the following sections of this article, we have talked about all the imperative aspects related to this news. So be sticky with this page and must read it till the end. Scroll down the page.

Ariel Villasanta

How did Ariel Villasanta aka Cromwell Valencia die?

Before talking about Ariel Villasanta’s death news, let’s take a look at his profile. As of now, Ariel Villasanta lived an illustrious career. He appeared in numerous shows and movies. In 1991, Ariel Villasanta worked in Alyas Batman en Robin. In 2015, Ariel Villasanta appeared in Ang Probinsyano, and in 2019, he worked in Kings of Reality Shows. As he has acted and appeared in numerous television shows and movies, he is no more an unknown face in the industry. He has a sizable fan following across the Philippines. Scroll down the page and read more details about him.

Ariel Villasanta studied business management at San Juan de Letran. He is the cousin of Joey De Leon. People widely know Ariel Villasanta for his comedy duo with Maverick Relova, they are combinedly known as Ariel and Maverick. Reportedly, Ariel Villasanta and Maverick Relova have been friends since 1993. Let’s talk about his death news. There are numerous social media posts on social media that claim Ariel Villasanta is dead. But no valuable source has claimed that the same yet. In addition, no one from Ariel Villasanta’s family has come to the fore to announce his death news. Scroll down the page and keep reading this article.

Ariel Villasanta
Ariel Villasanta with his wife

Due to the lack of valuable sources of information and no update from Ariel Villasanta’s family, we debunk his death news. He must be alive and doing good at his place. We also urge you to avoid the social media forward that claims Ariel Villasanta is dead. He is still alive. May god grant him a long span of life. Our best wishes and prayers go to him and his family.

Ariel Villasanta aka Cromwell Valencia Death Cause

Netizens are taking over the internet and looking for the details of Ariel Villasanta who played the role of Cromwell Valencia. Is Ariel Villasanta dead? Has Ariel Villasanta passed away? These questions have been prevailing among people’s minds for the past couple of days since they came across numerous posts claiming Ariel Villasanta is no more. Is it true that Ariel Villasanta has passed away? As Ariel Villasanta is a noted personality in the Philippines his death news suddenly picked up momentum and captivated every eyeball. Meanwhile, the news started trending on other social media platforms such as Youtube and Twitter. You are advised to follow this column till the end to find out what happened to Ariel Villasanta. Drag down the page and read more details.

It has been a couple of days since people in large numbers have been mourning his demise and paying him tribute on social media. You can easily find the posts shared by the netizens in order to show respect toward the actor. But is there any valuable source that claims the same? This question needs to be pondered first. Take a look at the following section and learn this.

Ariel Villasanta Death News

There is no reliable or valuable source that has claimed the same. Thus, we did research on it and find out that Ariel Villasanta is still alive. Here the question that comes to mind is what sparked Ariel Villasanta’s death rumors. As per the reports, Ariel Villasanta played the character of Cromwell Valencia, the godfather of Doc. Analyn Santos in the popular series “Reach Dreams” and his character has come to an end in the series. Reportedly, Ariel Villasanta has been doing the role of Cromwell Valencia in Reach Dreams since 1970. But now Cromwell has died in the series. Keep reading this article and find out more details.

It is true that Ariel Villasanta’s character Cromwell Valencia has died but it’s totally bogus to believe that actor Ariel Villasanta has died in real life. We debunk the news of Ariel Villasanta’s death. Kindly verify the news before forwarding it on social media. Innumerable people get misled and disturbed by these kinds of claims. We advise you to avoid the social media news agency and only follow valuable sources to know about the real world. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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