Are you a man… Farah Khan asked Sajid Bhai on national TV, people were shocked

Bigg Boss 16: Recently, his sister Farah Khan reached out to support Sajid Khan on the reality show Bigg Boss 16. At this time, Farah asked his brother such a question, which shocked everyone.

Bigg Boss 16

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TV’s popular reality show Bigg Boss 16 (Big B0ss 16) has many shades these days. Recently Farah Khan came on the show with the support of her brother Sajid Khan.Farah KhanMany of its clips are going viral. In many clips, viewers can also see the emotional bond between Farah and Sajid. On the other hand, in a promo clip, Farah Sajid (Sajid Khan)’s fun is visible. We inform you that a video is going viral on social media, in which Farah can be seen asking Sajid a question that has everyone gasping. On the other hand, while pulling his sister’s leg, Sajid also asked her the same question.

In this viral clip, Sajid Khan asks Farah in a funny manner, Farah, are you a man? In response, Farah said, this is the question I am asking you, are you a man? Hearing this question, the rest of the contestants, who were watching the two of them on screen, started laughing.

Watch the clip here

Brother and sister’s fun is viral

After this, Sajid says that not many people know that Farah is a big fan of Bigg Boss. Farah’s answer comes that everyone knows she comes every year. I got to come for free this year because of you. This funny clip of Farah and Sajid is going viral on social media. At the same time people are also supporting the bond of both.

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The brother-sister bond is amazing

Farah Khan and Sajid Khan are one of the cutest siblings in B-Town. The two have gone through every phase together, as everyone knows. Both started life from scratch and today their currency runs in the industry. Although Farah doesn’t share many posts on social media with brother Sajid, people love her bond with Sajid. The fun of the two has also been seen many times on screen.


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