Are kids giving board exams? It’s your test too… know what to do and what not to do

Board Exam Tips in English: How Parents Can Help Kids in Board Exam Preparation? What you should and shouldn’t do when kids are preparing for board exams?

Board Exam Tips for Parents (hint image)

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as Board Exam As the date approaches, students are more stressed. A little support from parents and siblings will also give them strength in such situations. His preparation will be good. Remember, children should not be pampered, only supported. This will make them feel mentally strong. You don’t have to put in any extra effort for this. All help is easily available on the go. Yes, you have to control some things. In this article, we tell you what to do and what not to do?

This is the need of the hour. Now UP Board has also announced UP Board Exam Date. Almost all board exam dates are here. Pre-board results are also out. Most practical tests are either ongoing or over. Students interested in engineering also have to give JEE Main before the board exam. In this way you will see that students are living under different types of pressure. In this situation, your little help will not only keep them calm, but they will be able to prepare for the exam better. Needless to say, the results will also be excellent.

You can say that we take care of our child properly. There is also a focus on preparation. It is true. But in recent times there is a trend of nuclear family. People are living in small houses in the city. In this situation, many mistakes are made knowingly or unknowingly by the parents. It is important that we have control over ourselves during our child’s testing.

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What should parents do during board exams?

  • Make every effort to maintain peace in the home environment.
  • If the kids are studying, you can also read something without making any sound. Your wake-up call will motivate the child to read more.
  • Try to stay at home during this time.
  • Wake up in the morning by rubbing the baby’s head, kissing the forehead.
  • Bring your own food and drink.
  • See if he is getting full sleep.
  • Remember that mobile/laptop should be used only for necessity. But by explaining, not by scolding.
  • Try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner together.
  • At the same time, you can ask about studying and exam preparation.

What parents should not do during board exams?

  • Don’t talk unnecessarily all day long.
  • Avoid playing TV/music system in the house.
  • Do not talk unnecessarily on mobile.
  • If you don’t have mastery over the subject, don’t ask study related questions.
  • Do not talk about wandering during the entire exam.
  • Avoid calling friends and relatives at home.
  • Do not ask about your well-being or discuss your studies throughout the day.
  • Don’t let time catch you off guard. The child should not feel that you are guarding him.

Only small precautions will help smooth the child’s learning and have a direct impact on the results. Give it a try. Would love it.


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